A Timely Book About Mexico


Wall off the Border? Before blindly proceeding with miles of tall fences, razor wire, and towers, maybe it’s better to take a look at what’s on the other side. “Mexico-Journey of a Nation….” does just that. In it, Bill Dean unwraps Mexico and explains its culture, values, history, and people. He also takes a fair look at Mexico’s problems and opportunities.

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This is a fun-to-read book for vacationers, expats, exchange students business travelers, sun-seekers, and armchair adventurers. It deals with hot-button issues (undocumented workers/path to citizenship, illegal drugs, border policy, poverty, corruption, and more). It tells Mexico’s colorful history starting with the hunters and gatherers who trekked the Bering Straits some 15000 years ago. It takes the reader on an odyssey in to Mexico’s ancient and splendid civilizations. It tells the story of colonization, enslavement of the natives, Independence, the Revolution, and the long run of one powerful political party. It tells of Mexico’s invasions by the USA and France. It explores the obscene wealth and power of the Catholic Church and the wars within Mexico to rein in the Church. The book deals with distribution of wealth, attitudes toward death, and the extraordinary importance Mexicans attach to friends, family and tradition.

The book, however, is not just for the curious. It is also for Mexico’s detractors and skeptics.

The author and his wife are the veterans of 40 years of poking Mexico’s nooks and crannies and living there winters for ten of those years.


It's filled with interesting vignettes, good humor and perceptive conclusions....It deserves to find a wide readership.

Alejandro Grattan, Editor-in Chief, El Ojo Del Lago, (a widely-read monthly English magazine produced in Mexico) and author of The Dark Side of the Dream

Your book about Mexico, the country that we both love, is a special contribution to the literature of that great country.

Tom Aageson, Executive Director, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, Former Executive Director, Museum of New Mexico Foundation

About the Author

Bill and his wife Mary have poked the back roads of Mexico for nearly forty years and lived there, off and on, for ten of those years. Bill weaves his adventures into a compelling case for Mexico.

Bill with his wife Mary