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This book (less than 200 pages) offers a solid understanding of Mexico’s history – from the hunters and gatherers who trekked across the frozen Bering Straits some 15,000 years ago, to the great ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, the Spanish Conquest, Independence, the Revolution, and to the one political party that reigns (essentially uninterrupted) to the present day.

The book confronts vital topics such as Church-State relations, distribution of wealth, illegal drugs, and containment of migration.


This is a book that is fun to read. Click pdf downloadhere to see if this book is for you.

A Book for Whom?

Visiting each year (Mexico is the 10th most visited country in the world).
There are over one million from the U.S. alone.
Business travelers
Companies throughout the world are doing business in Mexico and countless others are exploring opportunities there.
Students, golfers, sun-bathers
All will be rewarded by knowing more about their surroundings.
Armchair travelers
Those never leaving the comfort of home can still escape to Mexico.
Everybody else
Anyone who may be curious about or skeptical of this very foreign and proud country – and who wants to be entertained in the process.


It's filled with interesting vignettes, good humor and perceptive conclusions....It deserves to find a wide readership.

Alejandro Grattan, Editor-in Chief, El Ojo Del Lago, (a widely-read monthly English magazine produced in Mexico) and author of The Dark Side of the Dream

Your book about Mexico, the country that we both love, is a special contribution to the literature of that great country

Tom Aageson, Executive Director, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, Former Executive Director, Museum of New Mexico Foundation

About the Author

Bill and his wife Mary have poked the back roads of Mexico for nearly forty years and lived there, off and on, for ten of those years. Bill weaves his adventures into a compelling case for Mexico.

Bill with his wife Mary